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Domestic Violence

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Please call our crisis hotline if you would like more information or feel unsafe.  All Safe Passage services are at no charge to you.  

We can help with:​

  • 24 hour advocacy

  • safety planning 

  • emergency shelter 

  • hospital/medical advocacy

  • counseling with a licensed counselor

  • referrals for other services such as housing resources and financial assistance

  • cell phones to reach 911 emergency services 

  • information and support through the judicial process

  • education on the signs of abuse, barriers to leaving, emotional and pyschological abuse, financial abuse, and the dynamics of power and control in a relationship

Helpful Links

Safe Shelter

Our confidential, safe shelter offers survivors of domestic or sexual violence and their children 30 days of safe shelter, on-site advocacy, safety planning, food, clothing, clean bedding, and hygiene necessities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Case management is available to help survivors connect with services such as subsidized housing, employment support, transportation assistance, childcare resources, and other services as appropriate. We also partner with the Kootenai Humane Society so that victims can bring pets to the shelter—which helps soothe traumatized children who must leave home quickly.  We also have extended shelter available for an additional 90 days if you have difficulty finding housing after leaving a domestic violence situation. If you are a survivor of sexual or domestic violence and in imminent danger with no other housing options, please contact our crisis hotline.

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