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Donation Wishlist

Play an active role for supporting families in crisis by donating items specially catered to their needs. As our Safe Passage advocates support families in our Safe Shelter, Housing Support System, and Children's Advocacy Center, we listen to their needs and provide for them whether its item donations as gifts for the children or some extra financial help for families. You can help in this effort by donating a gift card, adopting a family, or visiting our office or our partnering business's to give for the Giving Tree during the holidays.

new toys for children at our children's advocacy center or cac

All-Year Around

Gift Cards

Gift cards in small denominations are always wonderful for gas, groceries, taxi rides, and other small items. Fleeing abuse often means you leave with nothing.  Gift cards help survivors immediately obtain fuel, medicine and supplies, groceries, and so much more!

During the Holidays

Adopt a Family

This is an annual program where donor volunteers help meet the needs of our client families during the holiday season. We pair volunteers with a family and provide them with their holiday wish list. By adopting a family, you help relieve emotional and financial stress as they work to rebuild their lives after the trauma of abuse.


Information on how to participate is available in October.  

Giving Trees

Donor volunteers and participating businesses can stop by our office to take tags off our Giving Trees and shop for the items on the tags. Shopping for the needs on our Giving Trees help meet practical needs for our clients and programs throughout the entire year, well beyond the holiday season.  


Information on how to participate is available in October. 

For any questions about additional item donation options, contact Safe Passage
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