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Ways to Give

Idaho is our home to some of the most beautiful scenery, but it also has many cases of domestic violence, sexual assaults, and child abuse that hurt our community. Your gift changes lives! Every dollar counts as we respond to and educate to prevent violence.


Safe Passage is the only agency of its kind in north Idaho and one of the largest in the state. Since 1977 we have been a beacon of hope for victims and survivors of violence, join us to impact lives today and for generations to come! Together, we can create a community free from violence!

In Idaho...

2 out of 5 women and 1 out of 5 men experience sexual assault in our state

Only 1/3 report the crime

teen support

We serve 1 child every day at our Children’s Advocacy Center that have experienced domestic or sexual abuse

42% of charges for violent crime in Idaho are domestic abuse related

What You Can Give to Support Survivors

Money Donation

Give a donation online to support victims and survivors and to educate to prevent abuse in the future.

Or mail a check to Safe Passage

Philanthropy, 850 N 4th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID  83814

Or give by phone call at

(208) 664-9300 ext 105 Leslie Johnson​​

Give Stocks, Real estate, or Personal Property

Giving appreciated assets like stocks, real estate, or personal property has advantages for both you and Safe Passage. You may be able to avoid capital gains taxes, reduce your estate taxes, or even take a charitable deduction for the entirety of the donation amount.  Gift stock by completing a Security Transfers Form with your broker.

Give a Tax-Free Gift from Your IRA

If you’re 70.5 years or older, you can avoid taxes on required minimum distributions from your IRA by choosing to make a tax-free qualified charitable distribution (QCD) once a year. You can donate from your IRA account by contacting your IRA custodian.

Item Donation

Donate clothing and self care items for our programs. You can visit our office to make an item donation.

Legacy Giving

Safe Passage has partnered with Innovia Foundation to accept unique gifts of appreciated assets such as real estate, bequests, appreciated stock, life insurance, IRA required mandatory distributions and more to support Safe Passage's lifesaving and life-changing work.

Money held in real estate, life insurance policies, publicly traded stock, mutual funds or other appreciated assets that can be designated tax-free to qualified charities to create a transformational impact. 

To Learn more, call Leslie Johnson at

(208) 664-9300 ext 105

Consider naming Safe Passage in your will.  By including a gift to Safe Passage through your will or estate plan, you’ll be leaving behind a legacy that will impact our community for years to come! 

We will meet with you individually or provide resources to help you explore the most effective way to accomplish your charitable vision.

Fundraiser Event or Project

Partner with us to host a fundraising effort or invite us to participate in a community engagement event or project

support animal

Lucy and Her Story

Coming Soon

Help support our Children's Advocacy Center by Purchasing a Lucy Gift today! This gift includes a stuffy of Lucy and a Lucy book. All proceeds go directly to funding our Children's Advocacy Center where the needs of your child always come first.

How Far Your Donation Goes

See how far monthly donations go to supporting the community and the donation options available for your gift.


$100 - Confidential shelter costs or 24/7 hospital response

$75 - Toward trauma informed counseling session child/adult

$50 - Creating a safety plan

$25 - Driver's Liscense


$100 - Healthy relationship classes for elementary, middle, and high schools

$75 - Business equipping and policy making around domestic abuse and sexual assault

$50 - Bystander training

$25 - Healing workbooks for survivors


$100 - Court Advocacy

$75 - Fuel car after fleeing

$50 - Wireless doorbell camera

$25 - Child's  Birth Certificate

Safe Passage is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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