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Safe Passage is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Giving at this level could support the basic needs of 16 survivors for up to one year.


At this level, your donation
could support services like
educational outreach to more than 2,000 area students.


One of the many ways donating at this level could help would be providing counseling services to more than 40 survivors


At this level, your gift goes a long way toward helping us continue our mission. It could provide court advocacy services for 10 survivors.

Consider naming Safe Passage in your will.  By including a gift to Safe Passage through your will or estate plan, you’ll be leaving behind a legacy that will impact our community for years to come! 


Support Safe Passage while providing tax relief for you and your loved ones. Money held in real estate, life insurance policies, publicly traded stock, mutual funds or other appreciated assets can be designated tax-free to qualified charities to create a transformational impact. To learn more, connect with Leslie Johnson at 208.664.9303 or 

Items needed to support our programs:

Sexual Assault

-Sweatshirts, sweatpants, yoga pants, T-shirts, and athletic shorts


-Bed pillows

-Bath towels

-Silverware, dishes, and mugs

-General kitchen utensils

Teen Outreach

-Variety of K-cups (for teen clients using services at local high school)

-Journals and adult coloring books

Children's Advocacy Center
-Kid-friendly snacks in individual packages (Granola bars, Goldfish, Applesauce, etc.)

-Journals, notebooks, crayons, and coloring books

-Teen-appropriate books

-Puzzles, stress balls, and tangle toys

-Weighted blankets and weighted stuffed animals

For ages 3-7:

-Small/medium sized stuffed animals 
-Coloring books/markers or colored pencils
-Sports balls (soccer, football etc)


For ages 7-12:

-Small age appropriate LEGO kits
-Board games 
-Nail polish/flavored chapsticks

For ages 12-18:

-Journals/diaries and gel pens

-Teen appropriate books
-Hair accessories (clips, hair brushes etc) 
-Age appropriate makeup/skincare (eyeshadow pallets, makeup brushes, face masks/face wash)
-Fidget toys
Age appropriate books

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